MCPA Objectives

The following guiding objectives have been established to assist the Michigan Career Placement Association in providing regional support and professional learning for its members.

  1. To establish improved communications among local programs and state agencies, professional, industrial, and others interested in work-based learning education.
  2. To promote a better understanding of the purpose, operation, and standards of work-based learning education.
  3. To provide means for the study of problems of special interest to members and the general improvement of work-based learning education.
  4. To foster cooperative relationships with business, industry, labor organizations, government and support agencies and professional organizations consistent with the objectives of the Association.
  5. To unite into one statewide organization, regional, and area associations whose members are interested in work-based learning education.
  6. To enhance the professional competence and status of work-based learning personnel.
  7. To provide information that will assist schools in adjusting instructional programs to meet the needs of students and the employment market more fully.
  8. To act as a clearinghouse of information that will assist work-based learning personnel in retrieving documents, files, or web links to resources that may be of assistance to them.