The Michigan Career Placement Association (MCPA) is a professional organization whose goal is to provide direction, placement, and leadership services to all personnel who assist in the placement of all students into work-based learning experiences.

Services to the employing community and to students, graduates, out-of-school youth, and adults are based on individual needs. The placement process must maintain the highest standards of quality, integrity, and efficiency to the benefit of employers and the various client groups.

President Connections: MCPA is the support network for work-based learning (WBL) throughout the State of Michigan.  If you are involved or interested in work-based learning, I encourage you to get involved with MCPA.  Oftentimes WBL coordinators work as a department of one and are left to sort through youth employment on their own.  Joining MCPA builds your network and connects you with those that are sorting through those same laws and roadblocks.  We work together to create the best opportunities for students that are safe, engaging, and involve the amazing businesses we have here in our community.  Become an active member of MCPA today!

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Mark Your Calendar: October 14-15, 2024

The Michigan Career Placement Association, in partnership with the Michigan Department of Education Office of Career and Technical Education, offers an annual conference for professionals working in the placement process. The MCPA conference provides an overview of key information and points to additional resources, which are useful when designing structured, well-organized programs at the workplace for students.

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Laborers’ International Union of North America – LiUNA: Michigan Construction Laborers’ Local 1076 Proudly Serving the Men and Women Throughout Oakland County Michigan Since 1937!

Operating Engineers 324: For over 100 years, Operating Engineers 324 has provided value to workers, businesses and communities throughout the entire state of Michigan. We are a dynamic organization of 14,000 Members where career opportunity thrives


EmergeSkilled: is a technology platform (like a LinkedIn for high-school/trade-school aged young adults) to create an entry level, long term workforce development funnel connecting students, looking to start their career, directly with employers. Across Michigan, support from both the business community and ISD’s are key to the success of this platform. To support our members, the Michigan Chamber is providing a complimentary subscription to EmergeSkilled for all of 2022.

Where Industry Collaborates with Education

  • Are you looking to grow your work-based learning partnership?
  • Do you have a simple formula to get an internship or apprenticeship started?
  • Kickstart your career pathway program with one simple “ask” Will you donate TEN hours?

The “Give Me TEN” program gives business/industry a simplified way to work with local schools. Work based learning is now being recognized as a career pathway to success. Four-year colleges are not the only answer to a successful career, the trade industry has much to offer. This program is the kick start to creating your employees from the ground up. It also opens the door to being a part of the educational system of training your future workforce.


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