MCPA By-Laws & Policies

The Michigan Career Placement Association (MCPA) By-Laws guide the Executive Board in maintaining the highest standards of quality, integrity, and efficiency on behalf of its members. The MCPA By-Laws also assist in maintaining consistency in the running of the organization and communicating the organizational rules and guidelines.

The MCPA By-Laws provides its members with information on the Officers and Executive Board duties, along with various committees, holding elections, voting and membership.

In 2013, the Michigan Career Placement Association (MCPA) Executive Board began compiling a manual of policies and procedures abiding by the guidelines of the By-Laws as well as current practices of the Association. A “working version” of the Policies and Procedures Manual was distributed to Board members at the May 2013 meeting. After review and revision, the MCPA Board voted to accept the Policies and Procedures Manual as written on May 6, 2019.

The purpose of the MCPA Policies and Procedures Manual is to provide guidance to Board members and others involved in the work of the association, mentor new board members, maintain consistency of practice, and document best practices of members as they are developed.